Papua, New Guinea

What we need to grow in Christ

photo by Brian & Susan Frey

We have some amazing photographers here on our center in Papua New Guinea.
I saw this picture on our community web site and I felt the Holy Spirit telling me to use this photo in my blog. I will admit that finding an example to back up a message before you have the message is not the correct order. Not knowing where I was going to go with this picture I did what any God-fearing Christian would do. I went to get a cup of coffee:)

When I came back to my Bible, which was outside, the pages had turned to 2 Pete Chapter 1. I can take a hint. I read the chapter two times before verse 3 stuck. “For His divine power has given us everything required for life and godliness, though the knowledge of Him (HCSB).

Does a plant need roots to grow? Not necessarily to start with. You may not know that a pineapple growing in the tropics (PNG:) can have its top cut off and planted back in the ground and it will grow and produce another pineapple. Leaves and a tiny stem that are open to rain and sunlight will make it grow.

That is how we come into a right relationship with God. We must be consumed! Then He can plant us into His Kingdom. It is not what we bring to this relationship that matters. After all we are just a prickly unusable pineapple top. Nor is it how hard we strive because we do not have our own roots yet. We only must be open to His Spirit (rain) and open to His Son (sun) to grow. He grows us roots and fruit by “His divine power”.

As matter of fact this blog was not in my own strength. All I could do was make a great cup of coffee. It was only great because Papua New Guineans are such great coffee growers. All I did was cook water.

Whatever you are in or going through today let Jesus (The Word) and the Holy Spirit grow you. Just boil some water and let God do the rest.

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