Papua, New Guinea

We have been found

For the first time in the history of the World Wide Web our mission center is on the map.
Well, Google maps anyways.
Uka maps

Back in the fall last year a roaming Google satellite took a clear shot of
Ukarumpa (our missionary center in Papua New Guinea).You can search in Google Maps:
Ukarumpa, PNG (Papua New Guinea)
or paste is our position of our lodge: 6°20’19.9″S 145°52’54.6″E

Here is our center’s airport dirt runway and all.
The Aiyura Airport : 6°20’26.2″S 145°54’18.6″E .
Aiyura is the name of the valley which you can also see by looking around.

Google is not the only one who found us. Christsafari (mainstream Christian music group) has also found us and will be here in October for an evangelistic concert for the valley.
The local pastors have blessed the idea of asking this group to come and will help facilitate the event. Very exciting!!

As new and exciting as this all is, finding us and coming to us is nothing new for God. He knows right where we are and He, knows, us! As I walk to and from work on our gravel roads I often think of how far away I am from the dirt and rocks in Wisconsin. Nice to discern that God has found me and Jesus His Son walks right beside me no matter where I am found:)

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