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Too busy to write a blog on being overly busy

I have missed a month of blogging because I have been so busy lately. Sorry:(

PS 48 v1; Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised, in the City of our God…

The work we all do as Christian should be for our Great God, correct? As a missionary it is easy to think that since we have this calling that we need to do all we can to complete the mission. This is a flowery way of saying that being a work-a-holic is ok if you are on the mission field. That statement is just as false on the foreign field as it is in America. Being too busy is not healthy anywhere in the world.

PS 48 v4-5; (speaking of the City of God) For, lo, the Kings assembled themselves, they passed by together. They saw it, then they were amazed; They were terrified, they fled in alarm.

Even those who do not know God realize that getting too busy with life can be dangerous. The enemy kings in these verses did not get caught up in making camp or devising a plan of attack. They stopped their busy work and together they took the time to look at the whole picture of what they were doing.
They saw the futility of attacking the City of our God.
They were afraid of God!

So we know being busy with busy work is bad. TJ put it this way. “May I never get too busy in my own affairs that I fail to respond to the needs of others with kindness and compassion.”
Thomas Jefferson

But that is where my juxtaposition lays. Everything I am busy with is not for me. I had a friend say you need to just say “no”. That also was not an option. All of these tasks are short term projects. They are just unexpectantly flowing on top of each other. I was committed to these jobs before knowing they would be taking place at the same time.
12 volt light project for videoing at night

PS 48 v12-14 Walk about Zion, and go around her; Count her towers; Consider her ramparts; Go through her palaces; That you may tell it to the next generation. For such is God, Our God forever and ever;
He will guide us until death.

If you lose focus of your God who is all around you then you are too busy. However, busy may not be the problem. The problem in some way is always us. What I am finding when I am rightly busy, is that I need to stay in obedience to my God and look to him for help. Help not only with the things I do not understand but more so to ask for help in the things that I do understand. Not to relay on my own intelligence and strength. V14 states “for such is God”. The city of Zion being looked at is in fact a picture of our God. He is our protection and guide. No one person could build a city. No human could build Zion the capital of God’s Kingdom. We are not called to work in God’s Kingdom in our own strength. The fact of being busy or not is inconsequential.

Allow Jesus to guide you until you finish your race. Whatever the pace is!

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