Papua, New Guinea

Talk Thank you

A good man produces good… An evil man produces evil…
for his mouth speaks from the overflow of the heart. Luke 6:45 HCSB

“Talk thank you” is a direct translation of a PNG Tok Pisin phrase. If we take these words at the face value of our western culture we will miss the true meaning behind these two words. Too often in our world (myself included) our talk is cheap. We say things before we think, we speak what we think others want to hear, or we voice out-right lies thinking we are covering our own mistakes. Too often we do all three in one sentence.

In PNG relationships are of the utmost importance in people’s eyes. I think sometimes they have a clearer picture of what Jesus is talking about in Luke 6. They say things that could be translated like, me talk thank you, me talk sorry, me talk fun, and me talk anger. They are saying; I am speaking what is inside of me. They know they are speaking from the heart not just from their lips. Lips are on the face. The Bible says we speak from the heart. Our words are much more than face value whether we like to think so or not.

For me as I write this on Thanksgiving Day I am challenged. Not just to think and talk about what I am thankful for but also what thoughts and talk needs to change. As I listen closer to what I am saying I will get a good idea of what is inside my heart. If what I am hearing does not sound good then I need the Holy Spirit to change my heart. As we honestly pour our hearts out to God to seek His will in our lives we need to listen to what we are saying. If it does not line up with the Word of God then we need to be changed.

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