Papua, New Guinea

Sending mail to PNG

We have had several people ask about sending letters and care-packages to us here in Papua New Guinea. There are several ways to send items and I will attempt to outline the choices here:)
You will need to have a Packing List so read the bottom section please.

You can mail letters and boxes through the U.S. Post office. This is not necessarily the fastest but it is easier.(note: regardless what the well-intended postal worker may tell you, items could take several months to reach us. 6 weeks for an average) Most of the time the USPS pre-paid boxes are cheaper to send. Pack them full as you will not likely reach the max weight. International Aero Grams are cheaper for letter which we like to get also:)

– DHL:
Wycliffe here in PNG is a contracted carrier for DHL. This is the only private carrier in PNG and so DHL is the only global carrier to use. This will be the fastest way to send a shipment taking about 2 weeks. It does cost a bit more to use this service.

– Amazon:
If you like you can shop on line at Amazon or other internet retailers. The best way is to have them ship the items to your home, repackage them with lots of tape and reword the packing list. This way a retailer does not have to have overseas shipping option and will keep from temping items from walking away:)

– Packing List;
You will need to make packing list for items you send. You will want to be honest but you should also be general or use large words to describe items. This will help cut down on items being taken. Plus tape the box on all sides more than you think it needs.
Things like: DVD’s = “media”, eatable things (spices, ingredients etc…) = “kitchen supplies” or “culinary items”, and some things may just fall under “house hold”. Some everyday effects should just be shown for what they are, shirt = “clothes”.

– Addresses;
Summer Institute of Linguistic (SIL-PNG)
SIL P.O. Box 1 / (82)
Ukarumpa, EHP 444
Papua New Guinea