Papua, New Guinea

Riding a rhino on a Pacific Island

As absurd as that sounds that is exactly what the telephone department does! Instead of having a telephone truck we have a Yamaha Rhino to drive around. It is basically a oversize ATV. Four wheel drive and even though we have a top and half doors we still get wet and dusty from the gravel road. No radio or CD player. GPS? Nope. And a backup camera is not on the back bumper. We do have head-lights and turn signals. Of course we have a horn. It is a Rhino after all!


My department used to have a full size vehicle. They changed to the Rhino right before we came to Papua New Guinea in 2012. What the Rhinos lack in convent fluff is made up in operating costs. They burn less gas. They take less maintenance and parts cost less when they do need fixing. With most of our driving at speeds at less than 20mph these African animal named vehicles make perfect sense.


Living as a missionary in a developing country Jodi and I are faced with living with less conveniences than what we grew up with in the US. Jodi has to make a lot of food from scratch. Our outdoor grill is actually a wood fire box. We are using solar yard lights for inside night lights. We are very thankful for the necessities that we have on the center: electricity, propane stove, refrigerator, running (non-treated), bucket water filter, microwave:) This has forced me to re-think what things do I need to live and what things are just fluff.

My last post I talked about time and how short our life on earth is. In that same leitmotif, how much of our living for Jesus is essential and how much is fluff? PS 62: 9&12 * Men are only a vapor;… and faithful love belongs to You, LORD. For You repay each according to his works


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