Papua, New Guinea

Reflecting Forward

As we are heading toward our furlough time coming this June and with the start of a new year it is natural to want and need to reflect on what God has done this past 12 months. How He has taken care of my family both here in PNG and in the States. I can also look back and be exasperated with problems and issues that we ran into over this year.

So, I feel I should stare back on God’s goodness and dwell on past frustrations so I know for sure what I need to give to Jesus. Sounds like a plan but… Time is still moving!

We have “plenty something” (Tok Pisin phrase) to get done before we leave in June. We already started to make travel arrangements back in the end of Nov. for our trip. Travel planning is just the start of the long list we need to have done before we leave for on our 6 months furlough.

I do not think this is a problem not having time to turn and dwell on the past. King David said, “I will bow down toward Your holy Temple and give thanks to Your Name…”. Ps 138:2 The direction he was pointed was toward God. When I used to plow my father-in-law’s field I had to look forward because the tractor was always moving. I could not stare out the back window or I would go off track. I did however need to glance back to check the on the plow every now and again. It is important to remember and thank God for what He has done for you in the past. Also it is good to give Him your past frustrations (Reflecting). It is also true that it is important not to dwell (stare) at the past. Then the past becomes about us and we get off track. Worshiping God through your service for the Kingdom is a great way to not be tempted to stare backwards. This means we are doing what God has called us to do and then we will keep our eyes focused on Jesus who we should be pondering.

So take time to reflect but keep moving forward with Christ. Follow Him!

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