Papua, New Guinea

Papua New Guinea

PNG is about the same size as California and just north of Australia . Located just south of the equator it is found to be a very diverse land. It varies from high mountains to grasslands, from rain forests to swamps and from very warm on the coast to glaciers in some mountains.

The people of Papua New Guinea are just as diverse in their cultures and languages. Over 800 languages are spoken in this Pacific country. There are currently over 190 language projects in progress. There are almost 80 projects waiting for personal in order to start. And last there are about 200 language groups that are waiting to be assessed to see if a translation project is needed.

Center in PNG
As a family we will be living at Ukarumpa in Papua New Guinea which serves as an operations center for Wycliffe Bible Translators. Here translators, linguists, literacy specialists can receive support assistance and have a secure place to take a breather from village life. People like teachers, aviation personal, medical professionals, computer technicians and many others also reside on the center and function as support staff.