Papua, New Guinea

5 times farther

One aspect that is for sure in the unsure world of missionary life is: God will always stretch you a little further then you think you can go. I see this happening in my fellow workers here in PNG. Many of the support departments are woefully under staffed. We are praying for more workers toContinue Reading

Too busy to write a blog on being overly busy

I have missed a month of blogging because I have been so busy lately. Sorry:( PS 48 v1; Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised, in the City of our God… The work we all do as Christian should be for our Great God, correct? As a missionary it is easy to thinkContinue Reading

Perceptions of traffic

Part two of Jay’s commentary of roads on the Ukarumpa center in PNG. In America I used to drive 45 mins to work each way. The roads I traveled were country roads the frustration of stop-go traffic was not there. For me 45 mins in the country would be equal to about 5min of drivingContinue Reading

Always going up hill

Let me see if I can give you a glance of the roads here on the center in Ukarumpa Papua New Guinea. They are gravel. They are curvy. They go up and down and up again. It seems every were we walk (we have no car) we are going up hill. Not only do weContinue Reading

hiho hiho its off to work i go:)

This is my desk. Kinda looks like any other desk you may say but this one is in Papua New Guinea. My day as telephone manger consists of items similar to what any other manger has to deal with throughout their day. Things like: paper work, managing trouble reports, taking phone calls, organizing finances, paperContinue Reading

Got water?

Well yesterday I had to change our hot water from our rain water tank to river water. Our water tank is about half full and we are heading deeper into the dry season. Some here drink the rain water but we filter all of our drinking water. Very very few will drink the river water.Continue Reading

Coaching Boy’s Softball

Elijah Playing 3rd base The season consists of only 2 tournaments. The season practice started with about 1 inch of standing water on our all grass field. Most of the boys practice barefooted. All of our lines are painted black with a substance that would make an EPA field agent scream. So goes the sportContinue Reading

5 days living in a Papua New Guinea village

For the past 6 weeks Jodi and I learned quite a lot about PNG, its people and its culture. The Pacific Orientation Course (POC) included hikes, swimming, outdoor and cooking skills, in addition to classroom teaching on geography, history, and language learning. It was a very busy time. To cap off our time of learningContinue Reading


Pacific Orientation Course (POC). This is the name of the cultural training that Jodi and I will be attending outside of Madang, Papua New Guinea. This orientation course provides training for the entire Pacific area, but 90% of the attendees or so will be staying in PNG. We will be learning about PNG culture andContinue Reading

We R here:)

We thought everyone would like to see where we are at in Papua New Guinea. This is a labeled aerial picture of the center Ukarumpa that we are live in.Continue Reading