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My personal tidal wave

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I had a very gracious friend buy me some coffee and spent over an hour with me. We had no real
agenda so our discussion was very guy like… you know how it goes; “How is your family doing
these days?.. Don’t you think that coffee shop workman looks very serious?.. I tried to hook up
my electric drill on a coffee hand grinder too!… Squirrel… “

Then the casual conversation somehow plucked a tender chord that is embedded deep within me.
I am very comfortable with this friend so the tidal wave was not checked. He listened most intently…
PNG folks
The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few (JC). Christians need to say “yes”
and go on foreign missions. Mission Organizations all over the world across all denominations
are in need of staff. This includes those working overseas and those working in those missions
in their home countries.

Ok I realize that God has not called everyone to go. Some need to stay and partner with those
that do go. But, I know that there some who are called to go. Those who feel that yearning inside
every time they hear a missionary speak, who just cant stop their adrenaline from pumping when
they are reading a missionary book, and those who are constantly asking the Holy Spirit
if they are called into missions.

The time is short and it is getting shorter for many places in the world.
Many doors are open but they won’t stay that way forever.

You do not need to be a minister or Bible scholar to go on missions.
Just an average person who says yes to God.

…See what I mean about a tidal wave?…

I put this together for our speaking time while we are home on furlough.

If you think God is calling you to the mission field,
get relational with the missionary career: P.R.A.Y.

P Pray specifically about going overseas. Note of caution: Beware of the
inclination to dictate to God what consequences you would allow as a condition of your
obedience to Him. Oswald Chambers Luke 23:26
R Read the New Testament about missionaries and read books about missionaries.
We can recommend a few.
A Ask and Apply to mission ministries. See what is available for you to do.
Y Yearning, be sensitive to that yearning and longing inside to go.

To my friend and to y’all. Thank you for letting me vent:) Till all have heard!

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