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Morning time tonight

Good morning!
As I write this blog this morning it is actually evening for you. It is hard to imagine that we exist in the same moment and space in the universe but we are still living in different time. Sure, when we think about it we know there are different time zones around the world but do you realize that Jodi, Elijah and I are in your tomorrow, today?

As I have often noted before that living here in a third world country things take much longer to complete then we are used to. Coming from a culture of microwaves, fast internet and 5 min oil changes this does not bode well with my completion opus. I have been working for months, on and off to wrap up several telephone projects with no completion in sight. Supplies of parts, support and time have all conspired to thwart the concluding accomplishment from my mental grasp.

Ps 84:10 Better a day in Your courts than a thousand anywhere else… (HCSB). This is a great snapshot of God’s view of time. The next part states, “I would rather be at the door of the house of my God than to live in the tents of wicked people. “ You only have two places to spiritually live in this world; in a tent or homeless on the door step of God’s House waiting for Him to open it. Since tents are temporary structures how much time and money would you spend to fix one up? God’s House (Heaven) is a home that will last forever. How much time would you spend decorating your room in a house where
you will live forever?

Spiritually we build in God’s House by simply obeying what He tells us to do. No matter what! In the arena of time this means that it is not up to me to question or push when my time table is not being met.
It is not my house that I am working on:)

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  1. Amber Stephens says:

    I appreciate these words of encouragement. I want to always remember that it is not my house that I’m working on. I love simple truths. God bless you, and Ms. Jodi richly.

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