Papua, New Guinea

Life is about change?

As Jodi and I are getting ready to head back to Papua New Guinea, I have been pondering some of the change that we experienced when we first came back to the US after being gone for 2.5yrs.

1 Traveling in a first world country:
– Roads are paved
– Comparatively speaking few potholes
– Driving on the right side of the road
– Paying legitimate tolls
– Getting to stop for coffee or Pepsi!

2 Shopping or eating out:
– many different stores or restaurants to choose from
– many different products and our pick of worldwide cuisine

3 Opportunities to see our children and grandy-babies.
Even though our kids live 20hrs apart, it is still easier to drive across
the eastern US then it would be to drive across the Pacific!

Jodi and Judah

I was reading “My Utmost for His Highest” and Oswald talked about serving God in our own way. Sometime we may choose the unpleasant path because that is what our idea of serving is. Choosing a path without having the Holy Spirit’s direction is only self-satisfaction. (Oswald words not mine).

As you will note these changes listed are not necessarily inconvenient or painful. Coming back to the US was nice but… I it is also a challenge for me. As a guy I miss my job as telephone manger. Partly because it is “my job” (a guy thing) but more-so because I know that is where I am called to be. I will be honest and say though that Jodi and I are still more comfortable in the USA then we are in PNG. Coming home is part of being a missionary just as going initially and going back is. Uncomfortable or comfortable has nothing to do with what God is calling me to do. I need to remind myself, following Jesus is about Glorifying Him the way He tells me to. It is not about me or my view. Life is about Jesus and He does not change even when my circumstances do.

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