Papua, New Guinea

It is spring again in PNG. This is true and it is not.

First the “not”. Where we are in PNG we are only 4 degrees south of the equator. We do not have seasons such as Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. We have Wet and Dry season, that’s all.

Now the “True”. If one would narrate the eccentricities of a Spring vs. the weather here now, the stories would be the same. We have rain. We have cool / cold mornings with moderate temperature days (low 70’s). We can have several dreary days of clouds with some bursts of sunshine sprinkled in the mix. Flowers are blooming. Our cilantro has just come up again (yeah for Jodi:)
rain hills

So… Why the blog? What’s the big deal? We are in a springish time as all of you northerners are in fall. Quirky for sure but does this deserve a blog?

All the traits I described in my “True” paragraph…
Are true all.. year.. round… Where we live in PNG it is perpetual spring.

Does that sound like a dream to you? It is nice for sure but Jodi especially misses fall. She even has decorated our duplex with a few fake fall leaves that she received in a package. Growing up in the Midwest US our minds are used to the change of season. We have been in PNG for almost two years now. The consecutive days of spring start making our minds feel consecutive-ish too. This mind blah is a small price to pay to be where God wants us to be.

“This is true and it is not.”
How do we see our relationship with God? God is constant. He is always Holy. He is always with us. He always speaks truth. He is everlasting and He is always good. Does our mind sometimes say “yeah, yeah, yeah, I know….”? (mind blah)
storm clouds

I read in Psalms this morning, “Your statutes are the theme of my song during my Earthly life.” (Ps 119:54 HCS) Finding another statute in Psalms 33:1/3 “Rejoice in the Lord… Sing a new song to Him.” Life can get consecutive no matter what season you are in. Make a choice to rejoice in the Lord with a new song. Let His Word and Spirit be the theme of your life. Read the Word which we are so privileged to have in our own language and let a new song arise in your heart. Psalms 33 perhaps.

For those of you who dig flowers :) more can be seen on our PICTURES page. All these pictures were taken by fellow missionaries here.

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