Papua, New Guinea

God Word in PNG with still more work to be done

2020-07  SIL-PNG  Translation & Language Statistics

840 Living Languages

                This number comes from

142 Languages Currently Engaged

                These are languages that SIL-PNG has personnel assigned.

188 Active Language Personnel

                These are SIL-PNG teams that are currently engaged in language programs.  This includes teams that are on remote assignment and are in regular contact with their language community and Regional Director.

340 Media Projects completed

Media projects are Scripture, Jesus film, Luke film, AIDS, songs, Bible studies, etc.

260 Languages that need initial engagement

            A language with a potential need is one where there has been no known advisor allocated.  This does not include vacated or other former language programs.

Papua New Guinea wide statistics

263 New Testaments

13 Complete Bibles

Future dedications (2020):

Gizrra – Nico and  Elly van Bodegraven     Dec 6th 2020        

Fanamaket (NITI) – Lizbeth Fritzell  May 2021

Vitu – Peter and Wiljo Bachet    TBD

Urat – Gary and Peggy Rosensteel   TBD

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