Papua, New Guinea

Following in a fog

Back in January of 2016 Jodi and I were getting ready to head back to PNG.I wrote a blog called “View of Change /life-is-about-change/ In that blog I touched on a footnote that, “following Jesus is about Glorifying Him the way He tells me to. It is not about me or my view.”

Serving on the mission field has a different view then serving in my home country. It often looks different to me from one day to the next. Culture differences, third world supply issues, needs beyond my training etc… can almost never be anticipated. How can I follow Jesus on such a nebulous path? Our Branch Director puts it like this; “knowing what to do is like, following God’s invisible footsteps.” Exactly. I want to follow but my view is lacking…

Uka fog
(Ukarumpa PNG, foggy morning)
My work load is a bit heavy these days in the telephone office. It seems like my department is not getting much done beyond the daily tasks. Yesterday I had one of those moments where the Holy Spirit cleared the fog and I could see the foot prints.

Jodi needed prayer for a roadblock on a path that God is leading her down (We will send a newsletter soon with more information). Knowing the power of prayer, I decided when I got to work, the first thing I was going to do was to email some close friends. I knew one family right off. However, I was struggling and praying to come up with other names. This is not the normal for me. Jodi and I know many of you are praying for us, but all I saw was fog. I decided I would just step out and write an email to our friends with plans to copy it to other names later. In the middle of the email, Jodi called me and said that she got an answer back right-a-way that cleared the road block. I finished the email and explained the answer had already come.

The reason the Holy Spirit did not give me names to email is that He knew I did not need them. The fog cleared. I was supposed to send that single message. Our friend’s response gave us some great news and also some urgent prayer requests for them.

Following Jesus is based on Him. We, for now, only understand Jesus through a fog. In our faith and relationship with Him, we can follow Him. Then, just as the disciples followed Jesus, there are times when the fog clears, and there is an amazing sight.

Mark 9:2 [HCSB] After six days Jesus took Peter, James, and John and led them up on a high mountain by themselves to be alone. He was transformed in front of them,.

rain road
(Our center road in Ukarumpa after a rainy & foggy night)

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