Papua, New Guinea

been a “long long” time

It is crazy to see that it has been 6 months since I last posted. I promise that I thought I only missed a couple of months for my monthly web posts.

It has been a crazy and busy half of a year 🙂 We are in Georgia US now. Since May (my last posting), we moved into our new PNG house, filled in as center managers again at a regional center in PNG for 3 weeks, poured a cement retaining wall in our basement, packed the house up for our 1 year school leave, my department finished 3 big projects, flew back to the US, visited my parents and all 4 of our kids including our 2 grand boys, and all the while Jodi has been in class on line for her Nurse Practitioner degree.

It is crazy to think that Jodi has completed a year of on-line classes. She is now in the clinical phase of her schooling. She will be working with doctors and Nurse Practioners in clinical settings. These clinicals will take a year to complete. This program is stretching her as it has been a long while since she has been in school. She is doing well but it is still stressful for her. I am trying to support her any way I can.
It is crazy to see how much things have changed here in the States even though we have only been gone a couple years this time. I struggle to get our computers and phones back in sync with a first world network. Even my glasses are out of sync and I need to setup an eye checkup appointment.

It is crazy to see how God has gone before us in this step of faith. We were connected to a family that provides free lodging for missionaries traveling though LA. Our sending church provided a car for us. Jodi is working with a doctor now that agreed to have her in the office before we even left PNG (he never met her till the first day). She just received word that a Nurse Practioner agreed to teach her next semester. She was introduced through a friend of a friend of our daughter-in-law at a ladies gathering. Lastly, we stopped in at a coffee shop that was serving PNG coffee. The manager there even knew someone we work with in PNG. This blessed us that God allowed us to be refreshed in our Papua New Guinea connection.

Who said a life with Jesus is boring? They must not be as crazy as us and our ministry partners through prayers and gifts. Together we are have a crazy time following Christ.

Ps. Long long = crazy person (Tokpisin)

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