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Semper Fidelis As I watched my youngest son walk through the airport departure doors he was loaded to the max. He was silhouetted against the bright lights in the ticking area carrying a sea bag on his back, garment bag in one hand and a duffel bag in the other. His upright posture and shavedContinue Reading

Life is about change?

As Jodi and I are getting ready to head back to Papua New Guinea, I have been pondering some of the change that we experienced when we first came back to the US after being gone for 2.5yrs. Change: 1 Traveling in a first world country: – Roads are paved – Comparatively speaking few potholesContinue Reading

My personal tidal wave

(checkout our Video and Link section on the lower right. It speaks much better then me on this topic) I had a very gracious friend buy me some coffee and spent over an hour with me. We had no real agenda so our discussion was very guy like… you know how it goes; “How isContinue Reading

Precious Bible and US

We have been home here in the USA since June. A very hectic time with all the traveling we have been doing. We are now in our home area of southern WI for a while. Jodi and I are often asked do we find it strange to be back here in America after our 2Continue Reading

What we need to grow in Christ

photo by Brian & Susan Frey We have some amazing photographers here on our center in Papua New Guinea. I saw this picture on our community web site and I felt the Holy Spirit telling me to use this photo in my blog. I will admit that finding an example to back up a messageContinue Reading

Reflecting Forward

As we are heading toward our furlough time coming this June and with the start of a new year it is natural to want and need to reflect on what God has done this past 12 months. How He has taken care of my family both here in PNG and in the States. I canContinue Reading

Talk Thank you

A good man produces good… An evil man produces evil… for his mouth speaks from the overflow of the heart. Luke 6:45 HCSB “Talk thank you” is a direct translation of a PNG Tok Pisin phrase. If we take these words at the face value of our western culture we will miss the true meaningContinue Reading

It is spring again in PNG. This is true and it is not.

First the “not”. Where we are in PNG we are only 4 degrees south of the equator. We do not have seasons such as Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. We have Wet and Dry season, that’s all. Now the “True”. If one would narrate the eccentricities of a Spring vs. the weather here now, theContinue Reading

Half a century halfway around the world

In the Pettygrove household August is birthday month; Jodi, our two boys and myself. Our two girls decided before they were born that they wanted to have their personal merriment day held independently and thus were born outside of birthday month. Half a century: I will not take the time here to weary you withContinue Reading

Morning time tonight

Good morning! As I write this blog this morning it is actually evening for you. It is hard to imagine that we exist in the same moment and space in the universe but we are still living in different time. Sure, when we think about it we know there are different time zones around theContinue Reading