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About Us

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Our Story

Jay and I grew up in Christian homes receiving Christ at a young age. I remember hearing a missionary speak when I was in sixth grade and responding by saying Yes Lord send me. Jay and I met at a Christian University where spreading the gospel throughout the world was preached. This is where Jay experienced his first mission trip. His love for missions was birthed. We were married, finished college, started paying back loans and then children came. Although we still felt the call for missions we did not see an open door. As the kids got older and the loans were paid off we started going on short term mission trips. The missionaries invite us back but we were unclear of how we would fit in. When we found Wycliffe we were excited because they had a role for each of us.

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Our Calling
In the spring of 2010 Jodi came across a web site called “Finisher Project’’. This organization helps match your qualities, experience, and likes to potential corresponding mission organizations. That summer we were contacted by several organizations. A personal phone call from a Wycliffe member intrigued us to explore the Wycliffe website. There we discovered the potential roles we could fill to support Bible Translation. We started the application process and in Jan. 2011 we became members. In April we attended Wycliffe and started our partnership development.

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Our Roles
Wycliffe Bible Translators has found that it takes many people to get the Bible translated into other languages. Not all of these people are translators. Wycliffe believes in having many people in support roles so that the translators can concentrate on translating. Around one third of the members have work in various support roles around the world. Jay and I each have different responsibilities. Jay is involved with the communication department on the missionary center working as the telephone manger. I work as a nurse at the clinic for language and support personnel and PNG employees.

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