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Semper Fidelis
As I watched my youngest son walk through the airport departure doors he was loaded to the max. He was silhouetted against the bright lights in the ticking area carrying a sea bag on his back, garment bag in one hand and a duffel bag in the other. His upright posture and shaved head are the marks on this newly graduated private in the US Marines. I could not have been more proud of him as I was in that brief moment.

Elijah’s decision to join the Marines after high school has caused his mother and me some anxiety. Despite that Elijah has successfully completed his first step into his calling. We were not against the idea of serving but we were concerned that the core would break forever the kindhearted spirit that we saw in him. As we spent the last 2 days with him over the graduation festivities I could still see that caring spirit in him. But I also saw more…

Semper Fidelis is part of the Marine Core motto. It means -Always Faithful- I see that light in my sons eyes and hear it in his voice. I see him more focused on life. I see his excitement of the future and of the possibilities that are possible. I see him as a man.


Semper Fidelis should also be our motto for all of us who call ourselves Christians. Always faithful to our Lord, King and His Kingdom. Like my son who learned this motto from several dedicated Marine drill instructors these last 12 weeks, we also have a dedicated drill instructor called the Holy Spirit. However, instead of being yelled at by one or more sergeants at the same time we have the Holy Spirit teaching and leading us gently. Gentle is God’s way because He solely has the ability to teach us from the inside out unlike the Marine drill instructor who has to get through those thickheaded recruits from the outside in.

Gentle does not always mean easy or quite. It just means we have a leader who can and will be always by our side helping us as much as we will let Him. Our part is to be always faithful to Him, and His call on our life.

Thank you Elijah for being an example to us all. Semper Fidelis…. Ooh Rah!

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