Papua, New Guinea

5 times farther

One aspect that is for sure in the unsure world of missionary life is: God will always stretch you a little further then you think you can go.

I see this happening in my fellow workers here in PNG. Many of the support departments are woefully under staffed. We are praying for more workers to come to this harvest but for now we are a busy, stretched lot. We are stretched by having to work 1, 2, or even 3 different positions. Some in which we have no experience in. This all goes together with the normal stretch of living in a third world country.

With the recent Bible dedication that Jodi and I were privileged to help with stretched is what we felt. When we started planning the flights I found out how big this was going to be. I learned that the normal Bible dedication has 2 flights taking 15 guests from our center over a 1 or 2 day period. We were planning 12 flights with some of the flights using an aircraft that holds more than twice the number of passengers that ours will hold. We ended up with 82 guests taking 11 flights over a 3 day period. Streeeetch….

Arrival celebration!!

How did we cope? We survived by God’s grace. We saw that grace in the form of many people coming together to help. Our aviation department was phenomenal. They help me during all 3 days.

reading new Bibles
Reading New Bibles

Now do you feel like God is bringing you into a circumstance that will stretch you? Maybe like being called to missions or like finding out you are having a baby or both? Think that is a stretch? How about going on the mission field with not just one new child but with quintuplets? A family just arrived back here in PNG with just that. They are surviving with God’s grace and a little help being shown by everyone. Check out their blog and let the stretching begin:)
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