Papua, New Guinea

Sum are called


I touched on this topic in 2015 in “My personal tidal wave”

Jodi has taken her last final in her Nursing Master’s program so our time in the US will be drawing to a close.
We are looking to return to Papua New Guinea this coming January.
Our thoughts turn to Bibleless people groups.

People often ask me what do I miss about being in PNG? The first time I was asked many fun things ran through my mind but they were all skin deep. What was I missing from PNG??

The truth is, I miss being where I know God has call and equipped me to be. This is truly from my heart. You see, ever since Jodi and I were married in 1985 we knew we were called to be missionaries. Even though God did not open the door for us to join a mission organization until 25yrs later we still knew we were called. When He opened the door, we said ,”yes”.

Jodi and I have small but vital roles in Bible translation. Actually, all the roles in Bible Translation play a small part, but they are ALL vital. Not just for the Bible to be translated but for the love of God to be heard and understood in the many different PNG languages.

If the ones who are called to come and serve in small roles would say “yes”, the total result would be awesome. The sum of the many would truly be a God Thing happening in PNG and around the world.

A few Sundays ago we were reminded in church how our God is worthy of our faith in Him. (Isaiah 40:12-28) We have faith and we follow. “God is the one on mission. He will accomplish His plans with us, without us or despite us. We are called to participate in His own terms, not ours, and that is a privilege.”
- Michel Kenmogne

If you are wondering if God is calling you to missions, or calling you to partner with a missionary please check out our links and videos pages on the right. New pictures have also been posted too from PNG:)

Jesus said; “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to the whole creation.”
(Mark 16:15 [HCSB])

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