Papua, New Guinea

World Bible Translation Day

Here is a unknown day in the US calendar added by the US Congress.

A unknown day dealing with a unknown epidemic (Bibleless people)

Christianity Today

Eunice K. Y. Or Fri 1 Oct 2004 1:17 BST

“30 September every year marks the World Bible Translation Day. The first Bible Translation Day was proclaimed by the U.S. Congress over 30 years ago in 1966 as requested by a group of linguistic scholars at the Universities of Oklahoma, North Dakota, Washington, Michigan, Indiana, California, Pennsylvania, Texas and many other places. 30 September also marks the day the first translator of the Old and New Testaments, Saint Jerome, died.

This is an important day for Bible translators worldwide, World Bible Translation Day allows them to highlight Bible translation as an on going need and basic tool in global evangelism. “

To bees or not to bees

(Mal 1:11 [HCSB]) “For My name will be great among the nations, from the rising of the sun to its setting.  Incense and pure offerings will be presented in My name in every place because My name will be great among the nations,” says Yahweh of Hosts. One notable thing about living in a tropicalContinue Reading

Sum are called

I touched on this topic in 2015 in “My personal tidal wave” Jodi has taken her last final in her Nursing Master’s program so our time in the US will be drawing to a close. We are looking to return to Papua New Guinea this coming January. Our thoughts turn to Bibleless people groups. PeopleContinue Reading

Dying to live

Georgia’s winter was colder than usual and it even snowed several times!! We look out our windows now to see the blossoms and leaf buds showing on the trees while they “wake-up” (as our 3yr old grandson puts it:). After a cold winter the warmth of the sun returns and nature comes alive. Jodi andContinue Reading

Our 2nd term in Papua New Guinea

PNG: March 2015 – September 2016 Ok, I thought it would be easier to use pictures to tell a story then to type it out. I am a guy can ya tell? See to the right side menu. “PICTURES:)” Thank you for another great year progressing through life and ministry with us! In Christ, JayContinue Reading

been a “long long” time

It is crazy to see that it has been 6 months since I last posted. I promise that I thought I only missed a couple of months for my monthly web posts. It has been a crazy and busy half of a year 🙂 We are in Georgia US now. Since May (my last posting),Continue Reading

Resting with boots on

The center we live on in PNG is a small town. We are a community of approximately 600 missionaries, including families. We have a grocery store, hardware store, medical clinic, gas station, airport, post office, cemetery and more. Yes, we have a cemetery. I walk past it four times a day on my way toContinue Reading

Following in a fog

Back in January of 2016 Jodi and I were getting ready to head back to PNG.I wrote a blog called “View of Change /life-is-about-change/ In that blog I touched on a footnote that, “following Jesus is about Glorifying Him the way He tells me to. It is not about me or my view.” Serving onContinue Reading

Riding a rhino on a Pacific Island

As absurd as that sounds that is exactly what the telephone department does! Instead of having a telephone truck we have a Yamaha Rhino to drive around. It is basically a oversize ATV. Four wheel drive and even though we have a top and half doors we still get wet and dusty from the gravelContinue Reading

Life 4mins at a time

Almost every morning as I am making breakfast I need to filter water for the day. It takes gravity about 4 minutes to fill each two quart bottle. We drink rain water that we collect into tanks from our roof. As romantic as that sounds I am brought back to reality whenever I see aContinue Reading